A worry-free remodeling experience is a must, so we were interested when we heard a manufacturing partner talk about livable remodeling. The concept is simple: complete the project in a manner that makes living through the work acceptable – and makes sure that all aspects of the job, including dust management and indoor air quality, are being addressed. Workers and homeowners can be exposed to hazardous materials in old homes, making the concern about air quality part of our daily work. Keeping the environment clean during this work (from dust, lead or asbestos) means incorporating a process which includes scrubbing the air repeatedly throughout the day with air filters and HEPA filters.

We make a point of caring for the environment in this way, taking into consideration the timing of the build, the site of the house, and what was there before – a full understanding what we might be faced with while building.

It’s possible to do a large scale renovation in a home and NOT do the right thing. We pay a lot of attention to leaving a totally clean environment for the client.

The Home of Boston Custom Home Builder Gary Streck